April 28th

Southland Ensemble: Anthony Braxton




Info to follow

April 27th

Anderson, Kahn, Smith




Performances by Casey Anderson, Jason Kahn, and Stephanie Smith.

March 18th

People Inside Electronics + bitpanic




Info to follow.

February 1st

Bent Duo

BETALEVEL, Los Angeles, CA



  • Casey Anderson: ghostses for speakers and objects PREMIERE
  • Casey Anderson: THE ARGUMENT for speakers
  • Sarah Hennies: Settle for two players on one vibraphone
  • John Cage: One for piano solo
  • John Cage: One4 for percussion solo

January 30th

Bent Duo with Inner Movements

Center for New Music, San Francisco

$ 15 / 10


  • Crystal Pascucci: Sonata for Prepared Piano & Vibraphone with Mixed Percussion PREMIERE
  • Hannah Lash: C for vibraphone and piano
  • Ted Hearne: One of Us, One of Them for percussion and piano
  • Aaron Siegel: Under Such Cover for cello, vibraphone and piano
  • Pauline Oliveros: One Word (Sonic Meditation XII) for speakers
  • Casey Anderson: possible round(s) for speakers

January 28th

Southland Ensemble: Jackson MacLow

Automata, Los Angeles, CA

$ 18 / 15


Southland Ensemble presents the chance poetry of Jackson Mac Low. Mac Low’s dedication to systems of composition - which included chance, indeterminacy, and simultaneous performance - allowed him to create works of extreme openness. His poems represent a moment in poetry where truths of authorship were called into question and the very boundaries of music and poetry were pulled taut.

  • 54th Light Poem: For Ian Tyson
  • the 5th biblical poem
  • Is That Wool Hat My Hat?
  • Young Turtle Asymmetries
  • Numbered Asymmetries

“I myself think that if it is a connection and it does something, it’s some kind of cause but it’s different from the time-linear cause going from past to future. It’s across any present, between any two things coexisting. … And I think that one thing that systematic chance does allow… is for something to happen on that synchronous plane.” - Jackson Mac Low

January 22nd

The Readers Chorus at the Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City

$15 / 12

730PM, 930PM

THE READER’S CHORUS is pleased to present an evening of performance throughout the rooms, chambers, hallways, niches, stairways, passages, and openings of the Museum of Jurassic Technology as the culmination of a generous invitation to engage with the Museum itself.

We invite you to move among our many voices stationed within the exhibitions and curiosities, as a chorus emerges from the abundance of texts and vertiginous spaces of the Museum.

The Reader’s Chorus consists of composers and musicians, visual artists and filmmakers, writers and poets. Inspired by the possibilities of timbre, rhythm, and spatialization with a group of speaking voices, Sara Roberts and Jordan Biren have recruited several editions of dedicated players to write for, experiment with, and perform the sound of reading.

THE READER’S CHORUS David Aguila, Casey Anderson, Tuni Chatterji, Danny Clarke, Drew Corey, Morgan Gerstmar, Pauline Gloss, Eric Heep, Jen Hutton, Cedric Tai, Haruko Tanaka, Tim Tsang, Argenta Walther, Christina Ward, Diane Ward

ORGANIZERS Sara Roberts and Jordan Biren