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[works] comedy classic (choking hazard) + vessels, an assemblage (wind-up chattering teeth, vessels)

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[works] corpse bludgeon, live action video game (collaboration)

[works] casual encounters, in which scores of Mark So are seen and heard (collaboration)

[works] assembly (melody 1 and 2), for ensemble

[works] living room + accoutrements [database], participatory

[discog] telemetery, various, compilation, download, khalija (2011)

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[works] quarters, a collection (room acoustics)

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[works] white space, for radio[s]

[works] apple splitting, in multiples

[works] possible dust, for many radios

[works] TALK RADIO, an opera

[works] THE ARGUMENT, reading (opposite ends of or zig-zagging through a room)

[works] IDLE CHATTER, speaking

[works] guitar or, for acoustic guitar (or…) in a room

[discog] Segni, All Tiny Creatures, EP, LP, Hometapes (2009)

[works] processional, a list of chords for pianist with percussion batterie

[works] fades/cross-fades, a collection of musical energy exchanges

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[works] thirst (1) and (2), for cello, cello quartet

[press] PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Jim Lehrer, PBS

[discog] Six Guitars, Collections of Colonies of Bees, single, LP, Table of the Elements (2008)

[works] how to sell soul, for piano