radios (Debs Park), for many radios [2017]

ghostses, a duo [2017]

trunk & branches, for many readers [2015]

broadcast gradient, installation [2015]

honey, for honey, violin [2015]

KARAOKE, at least 2 (inside out karaoke) [2015]

SLIPS, more than 2 (reading) [2015]

comedy classic (choking hazard) + vessels, an assemblage (wind-up chattering teeth, vessels) [2014]

possible round(s), 1 (or many) possible round(s) for any number of voices [2014]

territory, for radio transmitter and many radios [2014]

snow(2), for tuning forks, radios, and objects [2013]

corpse bludgeon, live action video game (collaboration) [2012]

casual encounters, in which scores of Mark So are seen and heard (collaboration) [2012]

assembly (melody 1 and 2), for ensemble [2012]

living room + accoutrements [database], participatory [2011]

quarters, a collection (room acoustics) [2011]

white space, for radio[s] [2011]

apple splitting, in multiples [2011]

possible dust, for many radios [2011]

TALK RADIO, an opera [2011]

THE ARGUMENT, reading (opposite ends of or zig-zagging through a room) [2010]

IDLE CHATTER, speaking [2010]

guitar or, for acoustic guitar (or…) in a room [2010]

processional, a list of chords for pianist with percussion batterie [2009]

fades/cross-fades, a collection of musical energy exchanges [2009]

thirst (1) and (2), for cello, cello quartet [2009]

how to sell soul, for piano [2006]